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为了让您可以无时无刻接触喜爱的精油,我们也不断地发掘新产品例如精油扩香器,  汽车吊饰滚珠瓶等等。当然也少不了可以让您戴得时尚又美丽的香薰精油项链及香薰精油戒指。让您在居家感受幸福的氛围,上班更有活力及逛街都能 ‘香’爱每一天,幸福每一秒,享受和创造充满质感和美感的生活方式。



Happiness Oasis


Happiness Oasis trusts and reveres the power of nature, We believe that natural products can offer physical and mental health benefits to you, bringing balance to both of your body and minds, and the balance of life is an essential ingredient for today's modern lifestyle. Each essential oil has its own unique properties, and through the therapeutic effect of the essential oil can assist in the alleviation of physical and mental discomfort while opening up our senses to the Nature.   


Our vision is to create an oasis of happiness by offering a lifestyle that bringing the best essence and beauty of you. It is joyous to see you in that wellspring of happiness, whether you are at home, at work or at play.


We focus on imparting and sharing various knowledge of essential oil to workshop participants. As we believe you can enjoy a life of high comfort, quality and beauty by understanding the benefits of essential oil and how each and every one of us can use it in our daily lives.


Besides knowing our top notch essential oil can enlighten your spirit through the smell senses, Happiness Oasis would like to introduce our aroma range of products, such as aroma burners, aroma jewelry and etc. Our aroma ranges of products are not only great for your physical and mental health, but they have the added benefit of adding a touch of natural scent, elegance and beauty to your lifestyle as well.